A.I.M.S. is a "Healthcare-IT" Company established in 2004 to design, develop and deliver Software Products for Healthcare Providers


Our motivation to set up an organization committed to Healthcare Providers comes from the facts that, Healthcare involves massive resources but at the same time number of entities using Information Technology is miniscule. The organizations that are computerized have been able to realize the true potential of their investment.

Available products are merely computerizing existing process and not bringing automation and desired efficiencies into the system. Lack of awareness about use of IT in healthcare is preventing affordable and accessible treatment to needy patients.



AIMS is a software products company dedicated to healthcare providers. The company works in the following areas of healthcare informatics.

Design & Development of Software Products for Healthcare Providers like

Hospitals, Labs & Diagnostic Centers, Blood Banks, Pharmacies, Public Health System and Medical, Nursing & Paramedical Colleges. Software Solutions for ancillary domains like inventory, payrolls etc so that our clients can use a single software system for entire organization. Creating awareness and propagating use of IT among healthcare providers.

Value System

We have put a value system in place which not only guides our members in their day to day work but also motivates them to excel in whatever they do. To set our priorities and judge our actions we refer following :-

Profession - Professional integrity comes first always and every time. We will not do anything that is contrary to our Professional ethics.
Clients - We exists because of our clients. Any task which helps our clients achieve success in their goals is sacred for us and we will give everything that we have to make it happen.
Organization - It is our organization which made us what we are today. We devote out time, energy, heart and mind to accomplish or organizational goals. Nothing gives us more pride than seeing our organization and fellow team member achieve glory in IT industry.
Team - We are able to achieve our objectives only because we are a team. Our motto is "One for All and All for One".
Self - "I" is the last letter in our alphabet.



"We are here to provide an integrated information and knowledge sharing IT platform to all healthcare entities whatever be their purpose, size or location, with twin goals of decreasing the cost and increasing the reach of healthcare services for mankind"

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