AIMS is a young, dynamic & solution oriented company which provides a challenging and stimulating work environment.

Work itself is fun

Solving business problems with the help of information technology is one of the most exciting work opportunities of modern times. We work on cutting edge technologies with multi-disciplinary terms to satisfy our esteemed and demanding clients. Working with a team of people with different expertise, experience and background itself, is very satisfying, full of challenges, and fun.

Every day is a new challenge

We are a product company. Innovation is built into our DNA. As a company we are always working on improving our products, adding new features, making them contemporary and relevant in terms of latest business practices. This relentless endeavor to come up with better systems & processes ensures that our work is never repetitive.

Quest for knowledge, IQ & EQ is the key

An irresistible combination of Knowledge, Intelligence and People Skills is a must to be an Aarogyan. Our selection process is not based on degrees, college's reputation or marks scored in exams. It is focused is on identifying people who are problem solvers. Practical knowledge and ability to think different is appreciated at AIMS.

We all grow together

Aarogya Infotech believes in growing with its employees and so we put special efforts in planning and designing a suitable career graph for every employee according to his/her interests and inclinations. Long sabbatical to pursue interests like teaching etc. are in practice at AIMS. Aarogyans are free to explore fields other than their current expertise. Our policies proactively encourage fellow team members to upgrade their knowledge and skills.

Everyone Matters

We are a small, innovation focused organization where we do not have "Benches". In a result oriented work environment, every day, contribution of each Aarogyan matters. Even freshers are assigned responsibilities from day one.

No hierarchy

Being an innovation centric software product company we do not have much scope for hierarchies. We have a flat organizational structure with every few designations. At AIMS everybody is treated at par and nobody enjoys any extra perks or privileges.

Equal opportunity employer

As an organization we do not discriminate at any time on any ground be it gender, religion, cast, community, social background, educational background etc. We have zero tolerance policy for such thinking and behavior. We sensitize our team members on these issues on regular basis through informal discussions & debates.

Everyone is a stakeholder

At AIMS, company is inseparable from its employees in highs & lows of business. We share company's success and fortune with all Aarogyans. This also reflects in terms of our remuneration policy as each and every employee (except probationers) has a variable component in his/her salary.

Sustainable World

As a socially conscious organization, we are firmly committed to our environment. Our products are designed to improve productivity & Profitability of our clients while reducing expenses. To do more with less & less is the Mantra. We carry the same attitude and mindset within the organization. Our team members are motivated to shun consumerism and believe with responsibility towards society & environment.

Work is not life

We actively discourage workaholics. Every Aarogyan is encouraged to give equal importance to family, friends and society. As an organization we are very liberal about leaves. We firmly believe that it is being sought because it is needed hence leaves are sanctioned in auto. We take special interest in discussing current affairs on weekly basis through informal forums so that we remains connected to the society and the world.

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