All over the world, Hospitals & Clinical establishments are grappling with the issue of managing paper records. Medical treatment, by its very nature, generates huge amount of data everyday. Most of this information is in paper form. The record of past medical treatment can be vital differentiator in effective diagnosis & treatment plan.

The law of the land also enforces hospitals to maintain these records for 7-10 years. With increasing manpower and space cost combined with the cost of securing, preserving & maintaining paper records, it is becoming a financial burden for Hospitals. At A.I.M.S. Pvt. Ltd., we have designed and developed a solution for this problem, details of which are presented below:

Process Flow of Medical Records Digitization System

A. Collect Files that are to be digitized

Files/Documents that are to be digitized are brought to DMS Workroom from concerned department/location.

B. Prepare files for digitization

Files are arranged in a desired sequence. Pages are dusted, cleaned, straightened etc. and rearranged in a desired sequence.

C. Scan files individually

Just put the file number and scan it. Confirm the number of pages scanned as shown in the software with the number of pages in that file as recorded.

D. . Check quality of the scan & its conversion

Check the image quality output such as readability, alignment, correctness etc. If required rescan the page(s). Confirm that the quality standards are met as expected. System shall store the files in a digital vault.

E. Reconstruct paper files

All the scanned pages are arranged in a proper and sequential order. Once the file is completed, it is secured with a clip/thread. Page count is tallied and files are sent back to the concerned department.

F. Tag digital file with searchable keywords

All the files are tagged as desired with searchable keywords. Tagging can be done either at the same time or later.

G. Grant rights for Files/Pages to employees

Employees can be granted rights for a particular type of file and/or pages. They can access only that information.

H. Access files online

Authorized employees can search digital document on combination of keywords and can view pages online depending on their access rights.

Benefits of AIMS-DMS System

  • Saves precious space in real estate
  • Allows unlimited files/pages storage in digital format with minor incremental cost of hard disk size
  • Saves costs involved in securing, preserving & maintaining paper records
  • Saves manpower cost in storage & retrieval of paper records
  • Complete security of digital files with no unwarranted access
  • Complete control on file access with copy/print restrictions and time period restriction
  • No fear of missing files or pages
  • Saves on training cost as it is simple software designed for a specific task
  • Saves on time as due to integration with AIMS Business Software most of the tagging is done automatically
  • Highly beneficial for research & education purpose
  • Enforces legal requirements of not disclosing confidential information
  • If implemented along with AIMS Business Application Software, there is no need to spend on integration between DMS & ERP

Our Services Include

  • Implementation of Medical Records Digitizer System
  • Integration with Aayush HIS
  • Training of Hospital staff in using the system
  • Any customization identified during digitization provided it is feasible.

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