AIMS hospital management system is a complete erp application for any large or mid-size hospital. It covers all the administrative, clinical, support and financial functions of a tertiary care hospital. Aims has developed mobile applications for doctors and patients which are connected with hms for information exchange. It also has a large library of machine integration applications which can provide bI-directional connectivity with pathology machines.

AIMS is the only software system in india which has hospital management system, pacs, document management system, video imaging system, mobile applications, machine integration and website integration all available on the same platform and same application. There is no need of multiple applications from different vendors and no integration nightmares.

With AIMS you are assured of a single software for all your needs.

Features of AIMS-HMS System

  • Developed on latest enterprise grade technology (Microsoft & oracle)
  • Browser based software so that user can access it on any platform be it microsoft, linux or apple without hassles of installation of any software on local terminal
  • Stable & scalable solution which is able to support 100-200 concurrent users with ease
  • Extendable architecture so that new technologies and concepts can be incorporated without much hassle
  • Supports mobility through Apps that can connect with core application
  • Web integrated so that users outside the organization’s environment can also conduct business and exchange information
  • Designed on the principle of self service for users which reduces manual effort, unnecessary dependency for information and works seamlessly in a multi-user, large organization setup
  • Combines the benefits of workflow and business process management concepts
  • Facilitates almost paperless work environment
  • Single sign-on software, irrespective of work user needs to login only once and work on any module for which he has access rights
  • Extensive excel export and import (master data) facility for rapid implementation and flexibility for end user
  • Timer based execution facility for key functions
  • Scheduler and calendar facility for all users with alerts and notifications
  • In-built messaging/mail system with attachment feature
  • Comprehensive, end-to-end, single architecture campus wide information management solution which covers almost all the ERP requirements of any medical/educational/services organization.
  • Tele-medicine will allow doctors and specialists to reach the needy patient at remote areas and thus reduce the cost of Healthcare system considerably


Benefits to Doctors

  • Get instant alert of important events
  • Work from anywhere anytime
  • Easy access to required Information
  • Better time management
  • Manage your cases better
  • Effortless compliance of norms and protocols
  • Seamless communication
  • Smooth preparation for paper presentations

Benefits to Staff Members

  • Do more in less time and effort
  • Get relevant information on your desk
  • Almost paperless
  • Get smart assistance for your tasks
  • Get benefits of employee portal
  • Extensive data security features
  • Simplified workflow for stress free work environment

Benefits to Patient

  • Superior medical care
  • Alerts & messages to avoid inconvenience
  • Better attention, better care
  • No need to carry documents
  • Less time in queues, less time in hospital
  • No need to struggle for required information
  • Online access to hospital
  • Satisfaction of experiencing a responsive and responsible hospital

Benefits to CIO/IT Managers

  • Comprehensive & integrated system
  • Get all related software on single platform
  • Future proof, worry free
  • Flexible deployment choices
  • Most stable and reliable technical platform
  • Extensive data security features
  • Highly configurable, reduced dependency
  • Smooth administration
  • Easy migration from existing system
  • Excellent training features
  • Easy adoption by end-users
  • Open system
  • Cost effective

Benefits to Managers & Administrators

  • Efficient and streamlined operations
  • Effective administration and control
  • Achieve more with less resources
  • Never be short of material resources
  • Ensure no pilferages and cash accountability
  • Easier to implement SOPs, policies and protocols
  • Greater accountability, better environment
  • Single software for multiple locations
  • Single software for multiple group companies

Benefits to Hospital Owners & Investors

  • Reduced cost of operations
  • Better financial control and fund management
  • Better brand & reputation management
  • Know better your cost & profit centers
  • Ensure no pilferages and cash accountability
  • Better purchase, inventory & asset management
  • Go green, go paperless
  • Take strategic decisions with help of Data

Key Software Features & Modules

1. Application Server
2. Event/Process alerts
3. System administration
4. Masters & configuration
5. Organization structure
6. Resource management
7. Accounts
8. Internal messaging system
9. Payroll
10. OTP facility
11. Inventory masters & settings
12. Central stores
13. Departmental stores
14. Purchase management
15. Asset management
16. Pharmacy (retail shop & IPD supply)
17. Complaints management
18. Dashboard
19. MIS reports
20. Appointments & calendar
21. Multi company/multi location facilities
22. Integration with tally Software
23. Barcode integration
24. SMS integration
25. Integration with attendance marking machine
26. User friendly experience with personalization
27. Hospital masters
28. Patient management
29. OPD consultation management
30. OPD billing
31. IPD management
32. IPD billing
33. Nursing station management
34. Operation theatre
35. Credit billing
36. Package billing
37. Professional charges accounting
38. Reception/help desk
39. Pathology
40. Pathology machine integration
41. Diagnostics reporting system
42. Medical records
43. Discharge summary
46. NABH Data & reports
47. PACS
48. Video imaging system
49. Document management system
50. Website development & integration with AIMS HMS
51. Mobile app for doctors
52. Mobile app for patients
53. Diet & catering
54. Blood bank
55. Casualty/emergency room management

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