Introduction of AIMS-MVMS

Gone are the days when medical imaging used to consist of simply still images. Today, a medical care facility has several departments, each generating huge volumes of video images. Endoscopy is one of the prime examples of such modalities. In Operation Theatres, a camera attached to a surgical equipment also generates videos. All these video images are either stored on a local machine or written on a CD/DVD. In a worst-case scenario, due to lack of attention or storage space, these images are either lost with time or are completely destroyed. At AIMS, we have designed and developed a "Medical Video Management System (MVMS)" which is completely integrated with the HMS.

Features of MVMS

  • Acquisition of medical videos from modalities like Endoscopy, OT cameras etc
  • Storage of medical videos at a centralized location
  • Facility to cut video clippings from full videos
  • Facility to cut still images from full video
  • Facility to design logo stamp
  • Facility to stamp videos/images with hospital logo, date and/or doctor's name
  • Facility to define Tags (name of information or searchable criteria)
  • Facility to link each video with more than one tag
  • Facility to play back any video clipping from any location in the hospital
  • Facility to search through video library for all clippings satisfying the search criteria
  • Facility to write any clipping on CD/DVD
  • Facility to include any clipping in MS Power

Benefits of Medical Video Management System

  • Saves money as storage through CD/DVD is not required
  • Saves time as to search, locate and play video is fast and accurate
  • No loss of medical videos due to lack of space
  • Centralized storage and management of all videos
  • No unauthorized copying of videos
  • Doctors in their OPD/Ward/ICU can access videos and display it to patient/attendant
  • Multiple tagging facilitates search of relevant videos on multiple criteria
  • Research activities get a boost as relevant videos are accessed without any delay

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