Introduction of AIMS-MVMS

Gone are the days when Medical Imaging use to consist of only still images. Today there are several departments in any Medical Care facility that generate huge amount of Video Images. Endoscopy is one of the prime examples of such modalities. In Operation Theatres, cameras attached with surgical equipments also generate Videos. All these video images are either stored on local machine or written on a CD/DVD. In the worst case due to lack of attention or due to lack of storage space, these images are destroyed. At AIMS, we have designed and developed a "Medical Video Management System (MVMS)". This software is completely integrated with AIMS HMS.

Features of MVMS

  • Acquisition of Medical Videos from modalities like Endoscopy, OT Cameras etc.
  • Storage of Medical Videos at a centralized location.
  • Facility to cut video clippings from full videos.
  • Facility to cut still images from full video.
  • Facility to design Logo Stamp.
  • Facility to stamp videos/images with Hospital Logo, Date and/or Doctor's Name.
  • Facility to define Tags (Name of information or searchable criteria).
  • Facility to link each video with more than one tag.
  • Facility to play back any video clipping from any location in the hospital.
  • Facility to search through video library for all clippings satisfying the search criteria.
  • Facility to write any clipping on CD/DVD 12. Facility to include any clipping in MS Power.

Benefits of Medical Video Management System

  • Saves money as storage through CD/DVD is not required
  • Saves time as to search, locate and play video is fast and accurate
  • No loss of Medical Videos due to lack of space
  • Centralized storage and management of all videos
  • No unauthorized copying of videos
  • Doctors in their OPD/Ward/ICU can access videos and display it to patient/attendant
  • Multiple tagging facilitates search of relevant videos on multiple criteria
  • Research activities get a boost as relevant videos are accessed without any delay

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