Comprehensive Solution

Every Software by AIMS has been designed after extensive research and by experts having years of hands on experience in particular domain. Our design philosophy is that there should be a single software in the organization and that should cover each aspect of day to day business.

We took effort to ensure that our clients do not need to look for integration of software from different vendors and functions. We provide a single software for all the functions of your organization.

Latest Technology

At AIMS we upgrade our development framework from time to time. We introduce new technologies in our development team as and when it is available for incorporation.

Each of our product is upgraded periodically to accommodate latest technical advances. It keeps our products up-to-date and obsolescent proof.


A major worry for enterprise software purchase decision makers is that whether their users will be able to learn and use new software easily or not. Many a times, it is the key factor in decision making.

We have a team of UX experts who observe, interact and learn with actual users and design UI as close to actual working as possible. We assure you of fast and smooth adaption of our software.


Each organization has its own way of working and there is always some processes which are executed in a manner unique to that organization. Our software products are fully customizable to the needs of client organization. We customize it to the satisfaction of users and management of organization.


If there is one thing that we are known for, it is after sales support. We have a dedicated team of product experts who are available 24x7 to help out users. Our focus and intensity of support activities is not restricted to implementation period but continues throughout the usage cycle.